Realms are units comprised of several individuals who will be responsible for certain aspects of the Handmaids of the Lord ministry. Each realm will have a Maiden who is the individual responsible for the Realm. The Maiden is to delegate duties and follow-up to see that those duties are carried out.

  • Realm of Resources
  • Realm of Communication
  • Realm of Strength
  • Realm of Bread
  • Realm of Records
  • Realm of Citizenship
  • Realm of Supplications
  • Realm of Quiver

Realm of Resources - The Realm of Resources is responsible for the collection, counting and recording of the resources of the ministry.

Realm of Communication - The Realm of Communication is responsible for promoting the Handmaids of the Lord ministry throughout the church. This will involve preparing and distribution of promotional materials, bulletin inserts, posters, pulpit announcements, etc. Also responsible for the planning and implementation of special functions and outings.

Realm of Strength - The Realm of Stregth is responsible for physically preparing the meeting location for Handmaids meetings and events.

Realm of Bread - The Realm of Bread is responsible to see that appropriate snacks, refreshments and or meals are arranged and provided for each Handmaids of the Lord meeting or event.

Realm of Records - The Realm of Records is responsible for taking attendance at all meetings and activities, conducting roll call at all meetings, recording all visitors, recording all salvation decisions, passing out all charts, getting Bible reading schedules to church secretary and keeping of any and all records that shall be required.

Realm of Citizenship - The Realm of Citizenship is responsible to greet, make welcome and follow-up on all serfs.The planof slavation is to be shared at the earliest possible moment. The Relam of Citizens will visit all serfs and visitors and give the Realm of Records an account of any decisions made fot Christ

Realm of Supplications - The Realm of Supplications is responsible for keeping an accurate and up-to-date record of all prayer requests and prayer answers. It shall also keep a record of all victories announced during the testimony time. A prayer list shall be be kept and handed out at the meetings.

Realm of Quiver - The Realm of the Quiver is responsible for the setting up child care if needed.


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